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Why Mormons Can Feel So Overwhelmed and Stressed-Out

This is the second post in my series: “Understanding John Dehlin’s Uncorrelated Mormon Movement” Again, this is not in any way endorsed by John Dehlin and is my own opinion. *There is a relationship between accepting and incorporating the correlated Mormon system … Continue reading

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Why Do Other Faiths, besides Mormon (LDS) Feel The Spirit of Confirmation and Love Too?

I was reading Elizabeth Gilberts book Eat, Pray Love (I don’t recommend the movie- only the book, which is amazing and life-changing). This book is a true memoir of her life. In her book she  describes spiritual experiences akin to the kind people … Continue reading

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Insights about the South Park Book of Mormon Episode

I had heard that South Park was going to produce a new Book of Mormon Musical on Broadway that is supposed to come out in March 2011, so as I was looking for more information about that I discovered a South Park Episode … Continue reading

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Dark Skin = Bad?

In the Book of Mormon, I don’t understand why white skin is associated with being good, fair and beautiful and dark brown or black skin is associated with being cursed, loathsome and evil. I am guessing it started with the “curse” of … Continue reading

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