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Why Do Mormons Take It Personally When Joseph Smith is Criticized?

I really don’t understand the defensiveness of Mormons when Joseph Smith is criticized. The Mormon is not being criticized. Why do people get huffy and angry? I can understand people saying, “I don’t agree” or  “I’ll have to look into … Continue reading

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: The Book Of Abraham Documentary and Comments

When I first heard that the papyri used by Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Abraham had been found and that Joseph Smith’s translation didn’t match up with the true translation that Egyptologists can read today, I dismissed the … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith’s First Vision: The Facts

1. Can we agree that LDS members are taught the following?: The First Vision was the significant ushering event surrounding the organization of the LDS Church. Joseph Smith and the church learned from the vision that God the Father and … Continue reading

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Polygamy: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as a Self-proclaimed Prophet Hinge On This One Question

For me, there is only one assertion/question that determines whether or not the church is true and that is….. if polygamy, especially in the way Joseph Smith practiced it,  is truly a Godly principle then the Mormon Church is true and … Continue reading

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