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Book of Mormon Evidence in Lost North American Civilization

Because there are so many holes and flaws with the idea that the Book of Mormon geography took place in South America or Mesoamerica… Holes and flaws: 1. There are two Cumorahs: the New York Cumorah is not the Book of Mormon … Continue reading

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How To Bring Inactive LDS Members Back To Church

A video about how to love people back into church attendance… So this is the real reason most people leave the church, and not because they were offended. What do you think? Is this easy for you to reconcile?

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Am I a “Revived Mormon” ?

This is the introduction to a CES [Church Education System] seminar taught by Richard L. Bushman, author of Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. “Increasingly teachers and church leaders at all levels are approached by Latter-day Saints who have lost confidence in … Continue reading

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LDS (Mormon) Stories That Bring The Spirit

The following are a couple of my favorite stories that always bring the spirit. In 1937, there was a man named John Griffith. He had lost all he had in the stock market crash. He moved to Mississippi where he … Continue reading

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LDS Temple Sealings and Women

This post is about two different couples that I know. The first one is of a beautiful, amazing woman who I met in Maryland about 5 years ago. She had married the man of her dreams in the LDS temple when she … Continue reading

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Why Have Standards Changed?

I was sitting in Relief Society…  and a sister made a comment about how she had talked to some young women about wearing modest swimsuits. She told us that she had told them that “our standards were never going to change, … Continue reading

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