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Questions For Mormons: Joseph Smith

I have heard and read that the following are true, if they are please give sources, if they are not true please explain why there is a misunderstanding. Thanks! Did Joseph Smith marry women who were already married to faithful … Continue reading

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Why The Mormon (LDS) Church Hides Its History And What Will Happen If You Tell

Even my staunch believing husband agrees that the Mormon (LDS) church should be more forthcoming about its full history and the geographical and historical evidences and problems that current LDS scholars are confronting. I think these issues should be discussed in Gospel Doctrine classes.  Without … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith’s First Vision: The Facts

1. Can we agree that LDS members are taught the following?: The First Vision was the significant ushering event surrounding the organization of the LDS Church. Joseph Smith and the church learned from the vision that God the Father and … Continue reading

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