One Glorious Whole

Be at Peace.

It is the opening of the heart center which makes you feel everything so deeply.

You find that tears flow so easily?

These are tears of joy; let them flow. They are tears of recognition of truth and love divine.

This brings a feeling of elation, of thanksgiving, of a new and deep understanding. It is as if you had slept and have now awakened to find a new world.

Everything looks different and beautiful. It is as if you went to sleep in winter when everything lay dormant and have awakened to spring in its full glory. The same trees, the same garden are there, but vibrant with life, growth, color and beauty, for all is made new and you feel new in the process.

New thoughts, new feelings, new understanding- a new deeper and more glorious love- are vibrating through your whole being.

Rejoice, My child, rejoice. Tread delicately, alertly, so that you miss nothing. See even the tiniest insect in a new light.

Because you have chosen to open your eyes, all is indeed made new.

You have divided up life, but now it is one glorious whole.

The wholeness fills your heart, expands it, raises your consciousness. This newness has to start within and then expand outward and up and up. There is no limit to this expansion; it can go on for ever and ever.

  • God Spoke to Me by Eileen Caddy

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