Questions For Mormons: Joseph Smith

I have heard and read that the following are true, if they are please give sources, if they are not true please explain why there is a misunderstanding. Thanks!
  1. Did Joseph Smith marry women who were already married to faithful Mormon men?
  2. Did Joseph marry women without Emma’s knowledge or consent?
  3. When Joseph was almost 40 did he marry many teenage girls, even as young as 14 using religious manipulation?
  4. Did Joseph pressure Emma into accepting polygamy even though she was highly against it?
  5. Did Joseph marry his own foster daughters?
  6. Did Joseph con people out of their money by pretending that he could find them buried treasure and then never actually finding any treasure?
  7. Did Joseph marry or have others marry wives of Mormon men who he had sent on missions?
  8. Did Joseph give different versions of the First Vision with vitally important differences?
  9. Did Joseph lie to the church and the public about polygamy?


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