Best Podcasts For LDS Mormons

Here are some links to what I think are the best podcasts for LDS Mormons to listen to.

The disclaimer is that I haven’t listened to every podcast available to LDS Mormons so my list isn’t perfect, but these are the ones I recommend:

Why I Stay (active in the LDS church) — John Dehlin

So You Think You Can Dance Champion Benji Schwimmer (part 3 especially)

Mormonism and the Internet with John Dehlin, Scott Gordon (FAIR) and Rosemary Avance

Terryl Givens — An Approach to Thoughtful, Honest and Faithful Mormonism

D. Michael Quinn – 21st Century Mormon Enigma

Why Mormon Stories, Why I Left, and Why I Stay

Why People Leave the LDS Church and How We Can Help

John and Brooke McLay – From CES to Ex-Mormons

The Bill Prince Family Story – From Stake Presidency and Houston Mormon Royalty to Ex-Mormons

Simon Southerton, DNA, Lamanites and the Book of Mormon

Grant Palmer Returns to Discuss Sexual Allegations Against Joseph Smith, William and Jane Law, and His Resignation

Dr. Michael Coe – An Outsider’s View of Book of Mormon Archaeology

Richard Packham and How the LDS Church Creates Unnecessary Enemies

Jared Anderson – An Academic Introduction to the New Testament

The Psychology of Religion with Dr. James Nagel

“Middle Way” Mormonism

Creating Spaces for Non-Traditional Latter-day Saints

A Mormon History of the Americas

Decrypting The Book of Abraham

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3 Responses to Best Podcasts For LDS Mormons

  1. Hi Sarah! I came upon your blog while doing a search for stories on our own podcast – The Cultural Hall. We noticed we weren’t on this list and think you’d enjoy us enough to put us on your future list! Let us know what you think of us! Download The Cultural Hall podcast on iTunes or listen to us on – Or like us on Facebook by searching The Cultural Hall.

    -Richie T and Ashley Garbe Smith, cohosts of The Cultural Hall podcast

  2. BeccaB says:

    A podcast that is really good for more intellectual Mormons is I am a semi-believer and that one has some good interviews.

  3. I know this post is old. There’s a great podcast called the Mormon Misfit.

    I also have one where we talk about LDS topics all the time

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