The Mclays Mormon Story – Wow

Awesome letter to John Dehlin (creator of Mormon Stories) from someone who wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons I am passing this on to the blogosphere:

Dear John Dehlin,

In May 2010, when I was pregnant with my Xth child, my husband admitted he didn’t believe in the church, namely Joseph Smith. I was devastated and angry, and spent months trying to figure out what was “wrong with him”.

At one point I noticed he added you as a friend on Facebook. I had never heard of you before, and he told me about Mormon Stories. I was convinced Mormon Stories and you were wolves in sheep’s clothing (I know, I’m sorry!!) and asked him to unfriend you and basically leave all the “anti-mormon” stuff alone while I sorted things out.

He respected my wishes, and I attempted to sort things out. I started to realize everything he had been telling me was very valid. Out of curiosity I subscribed to your Facebook feed.

Somewhere along the way my husband and I began to see much more eye to eye, and have been in much better harmony. Better than ever actually. And he eventually added you again on Facebook. 😉

I thought I had come a long way, and thought I had learned to open my mind and my heart. However, when you posted the McLay’s podcast, when I saw “CES” and “ex-Mormon” together my automatic assumption was that they were angry people with an axe to grind. Within seconds of watching, I realized how wrong I was.

I am still semi-active in the church as I’m trying to figure out the path that works best for me (and my kids). During Relief Society I went out to my car to watch the McLay’s podcast on my phone. I was riveted, and later I had my husband watch the rest with me (he enjoyed it as well).

The McLays had me in tears. I realized I still had the ridiculous assumptions and judgments that Mormons tend to jump too. I was changed by their story…in understanding why people leave, in giving me hope in whether I choose to stay or leave, and mainly by seeing that we don’t know what is in people’s hearts so we truly shouldn’t judge. I never realized how judgmental I had learned to be, and how wrong those judgments are.

I sent a little message to the McLays, and I wanted to thank you as well for the difference you are making. Thank you–especially for making a safe place so people like me don’t have to feel so alone, a place where we can see that life goes on after it feels the world has come crashing down.

All the best,



If you didn’t click on the link above to see/hear the story of the Mclay’s click here. Now to change the subject…

I can’t believe in my last blog entry I forgot to mention the joy of not wearing garments.

Seriously. No more stuffing garments into jeans, no more trying to put maxipads with “wings” on garments (Note: It doesn’t work!). Garments are not designed for women.  They show absolutely no understanding. Anyway, now I can sleep in my yoga pants/tank top and do yoga in the morning without having to change until after.  Does that make me sound lazy? I really hate changing clothes all day long!

Anyway, I hope you watch or listen to the story of the McLays. It is such an important story to tell.

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