Mormonism and The Irrational Mind : Books and Podcasts That Help

In an effort to understand how so many people can be persuaded/convinced of things  (myself included) despite mounting damning evidence I have been reading about our collective irrational minds in books such as Why People Believe Weird Things and You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney.

But even as I point fingers I continue to be irrational as well. We all are. By understanding and accepting this we become more rational.

One seemingly rational book that has helped me a lot on my spiritual journey away from Mormonism (while still physically attending church with my TBM family every week) is a book called In the Absence of God: Dwelling in the Presence of the Sacred by Sam Keen.

It has helped me to not look so closely at something as to see nothing. For example. If you look too closely at love you could argue that love is not real – what we call love is really just biology (hormones, etc.) responding to beliefs inside the brain. Love isn’t real because you can’t see it – all you can really see and measure is biology.  Biology is the only thing that is real. So let’s just reject love.

Similarly you could reject all spirituality and morality if you analyze things to death and not see the bigger picture.  Our lives don’t work without the invisible – without the emotions that we create in our interactions and in our choices. We need the mystery of the unknown and unseeable good in order to flourish. We need to cultivate positive emotions: love, gratitude, compassion, reverence, repect, humility, etc. We need to acknowledge the mystery of the sacred, which is God. This means keeping alive the awe and wonder of our existence and it’s meaning.

We should ask questions and be critical, but also acknowledge the mystery of what we don’t know and make an effort to do and be our best with what we can know. The following song has the same idea about the sacred:

Some Mormon Stories podcasts that have helped me recently are the following:

Staying in the LDS Church after a Crisis of Faith: Co-Founder Brian Johnston

How to Improve Your Marriage After One of You Loses Their Testimony

Navigating an LDS Faith Crisis In or Out of the Church

Dr. William Bradshaw: A Life of Science, Service, and Compassion (part 5 only).

Exploring the Future for Uncorrelated Mormons with John Dehlin

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3 Responses to Mormonism and The Irrational Mind : Books and Podcasts That Help

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  2. mercadee says:

    This statement shows why I love the Scientific community so much (atheists/rationalists/realists very much included). The following quasi-theological atheistic world-view shows many traits I find highly applaudable including integrity, intellectual honesty , and continual self-analysis/doubt, which in the end promote progress.

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