Documentaries That Make You Think About Mormonism

These documentaries are not about Mormonism, but if you are LDS (Mormon) than these movies might make you think about your religion.  Actually, if you are any Christian religion than these will make you think. Whether you agree or disagree is not the point, the point is whether it made you think.

Main-stream Documentaries for a General Audience (not Mormon specific): (You can get most of them from Netflix or Blockbuster or some are even free on the Internet)

The Historical Jesus and/or The New Testament DVD by Bart D. Ehrman (Great Courses)

Philosophy of Religion by Professor James Hall (Great Courses)

Who Was Jesus?  2009 TV-PG 3 ep.

Freakonomics DVD

For The Bible Tells Me So

The Nature of Existence

Flight From Death

Joseph Campbell: A Hero’s Journey (There are many documentaries about him)

God In America (American Experience and Frontline)

The Quantum Activist

8: The Mormon Proposition  (This is the only one that is about Mormons)

Examined Life

This Emotional Life

2012 Time For Change

Blind Spot  (I see some parallels here)

Perhaps I should have entitled this post: Documentaries That Make You Think About Life… but as Mormons know- Mormonism is life when you are a Mormon, so outside ideas are thought-provoking.  I’m still trying to sort out what it all means to me.

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One Response to Documentaries That Make You Think About Mormonism

  1. seven of nine says:

    you’re so right about the freakanomics movie making you think and reexamine life, I know the section about cheating in the sport of sumo is something I can point to as one of the things that changed my thoughts about the church.

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