Marriage: When Your Husband or Wife Believes and You Don’t

I am finding the chasm between my beliefs and my husband’s growing wider and wider. We went through about a one week period several months ago when we were on the same page about the LDS church (after presenting him with a lot of evidence), but then he went back to it full force – even more than before.

It seems as if we are opposed on every subject.

My husband’s views:

TBM (True Believing Mormon), staunch Republican, conservative, against gay marriage and homosexuality in general (feels their agenda is to take away religious freedom and indoctrinate our children), very skeptical of science (does not believe in evolution or man-made global warming), however supernatural/spiritual stories – whether spoken or in scripture- need no proof (they are always true), viewing pornography is not damaging/hurting anyone (including the young girls involved) but it is wrong only because the church says so,  daycare is evil, any one who speaks against the church has an evil agenda.

We are getting to the point where I don’t even want to speak to him because he seems so irrational to me. I have gotten to the point where I avoid conversations and then when I disagree I just nod my head and say “uh huh” just to avoid another argument.

I also attend church with him to support him, but he doesn’t feel he needs to support me in anything.

It would be fine if I had some other people to talk to that think like me, but I don’t.  I will write more about that tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Marriage: When Your Husband or Wife Believes and You Don’t

  1. Jennifer Bock Garrett says:

    You haven’t posted in so long, I forgot I subscribed to your blog. Thanks for posting again! I am going through the exact same thing, been a member for 10 years, married in the temple, questioning the church, deciding to leave the church, realizing that people will revoke their love because of it. I also have a TBM hubby, though not a republican (Thank you Jesus)
    If you need someone on your side, you can find me on facebook. I have a blog too, but I am not brave enough to post about church issues yet. Also I am a little freaked out by the “Strengthening Church Members Committee” that looks at ladies blogs and excommunicates as necessary.

  2. SIMS says:

    We have more in common than you can imagine. You may email me privately if you’d like. You are definitely NOT alone!

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah, would you do me a favor please? My comment above, could you delete that please? I foolishly used my full name, and it’s the 2nd thing that pops up when you google my name. I am currently trying to find a job… In Utah. I’m sure you can understand. Thanks!

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