To Mormons : Homosexuality is Not Due To Being Hypersexual, Abused, Having Overly Strict Fathers or Some Sort of Family Dysfunction

All of the Mormons (including my husband) that I know believe that Homosexuality is a result of being Hypersexual, Being Abused, Having Overly Strict Fathers or Some Sort of Family Dysfunction. I do know some bi-sexuals that can be considered hypersexual, but the people who are strictly gay or who desire monogamous gay relationships can hardly be considered hypersexual.

There is no evidence that homosexuality is a result of abuse or having overly strict fathers or some sort of family dysfunction. Sometimes homosexual preference/desire just grows organically inside of people. No one knows why. There is no evidence of a gay gene, but that doesn’t mean that homosexuals are choosing to be gay and can choose not to be gay. Can you choose to not be heterosexual?

The Bible does seem to decry homosexuality as a sin, but perhaps the literal interpretation of the Bible is the real problem. Perhaps the Bible should be taken in the context of the time it was written. It is a guide to truth based on the understanding of the people who wrote it at the time and should be used as a tool in the modern day, but not as a definitive guide. Clearly, there are other old-fashioned ideas in the Bible that most people don’t follow today (such as wives should obey their husbands, polygamy, etc.). The following documentary called “Disciples” about the Mormon (LDS) / Homosexual issue gives me something to think about.

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