The Mormon Church Is Not A Cult, Right? That’s Ridiculous.

Being an active LDS church (Mormon) member my whole life I would scoff at people who said the Mormon church was a cult.

I had seen cults on TV, and my family’s life did not resemble that at all.  We didn’t sit in circles and chant. I thought that if the Mormon church was a cult, all organized religions were cults.

But when I read this post today I started to wonder.

“There are several compelling ex Mormon stories up on YouTube at the I am an Ex Mormon channel. Spend a few minutes watching. I did. It helped validate something I’ve known for a long time. Mormons are in a social cult and they don’t realize it.”

Why would the blogger @ Deep Thoughts make this statement?

“I know through direct experience, and now through additional video testimony, that the act of leaving the Mormon church is almost unthinkable because of the threat of becoming socially ostracized. If you leave you will be cut off from your friends and family. I’ve seen the process. It’ horrible. And it works both ways…Those leaving are traumatized, those staying are traumatized. I cannot think of another mainstream church that operates this way. Mormons act like a cult.”

The video on the Deep Thoughts blog (shown below) reminded me of me.  I had my doubts, but I didn’t really look into the problems about the church until my son told me he didn’t believe and why.  Unlike this woman; however, I am still attending church because I am afraid of the fallout from family and friends. Our extended family doesn’t even know about my son yet. I am afraid of becoming a complete outsider and someone who caused the spiritual death of others. My staunch-believing porn-addict husband will become the victim.  At the same time it is tormenting me to stay in the church. I feel trapped.

It doesn’t feel like a cult when you are a believer, but once you realize the whole thing stands on very shaky ground and then tumbles into a pile of nothing  you can’t leave.  It starts to feel like the Hotel California.  You are welcome in anytime, but you can never leave….

At least this woman found freedom:

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4 Responses to The Mormon Church Is Not A Cult, Right? That’s Ridiculous.

  1. BOMC says:

    A serious fallout after leaving a group is NOT evidence of a cult. Hypocrisy is a crime of the heart.

    Your eyes are open, at least somewhat, to Mormonism’s human side. Unfortunately your awakening was of the mind. Had you been born again like the Book of Mormon says, you would have discerned from the heart how dark it is. Had you left for that reason, you would not come off as self-righteous and judging wrongly.

    Unfortunately, it’s too late for you and probably your son, the pain serving a heartless, un-soul-satisfying system, for so long has block any chance of objectivity.

  2. Marie says:

    I applaud your courage to search out truths outside of the fallacies you have been taught! I was also a Mormon for many years and leaving was not just leaving a religion but a lifestyle. Everything I had ever believed and the people and church that I loved.

    ~Still….I gained something even greater though through my leaving and I would not change a thing. We have an amazing God! I will be praying for you as you continue on through your journey!

  3. Andy Watson says:

    My philosopy is that you don’t need to bear a cross to be christian, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has tought me that very well. You don’t need a symbol to show you’re part of a religon. I in a Christ-like attitude then that is surely a sign of Christianity. If you show His love than that mean you are following Him.

  4. Karen says:

    Belief in YOURSELF is most important. First and foremost love YOURSELF.

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