Modern Prophet, Seer and Revelator who doesn’t Prophesy, have Revelations or Translate Anything

My husband has been reading from the book: In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith and he said to me- this book said that there are a lot of people who hold the view that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but then he fell from that role when he entered into polygamy. I think he was saying this to me as a possible view that I might take about the church, but I don’t buy it. In my mind, he was either a complete con man or he wasn’t.

So then we argued about whether or not Joseph practiced polygamy in the way his own D&C revelation revealed it to be. My husband defended Joseph saying that he wasn’t exactly clear at first how to practice it, so he sort of stumbled around until he got it right. Let’s see… he stumbled right into the arms of a teenage girl living at his house and forgot to mention it to Emma and then continued to lie to her and to the church population at large. Then he married women who were already married to Mormon men. Hmmmm…anyway- this led into the discussion about Prophets in general and why hasn’t there been any prophets like Joseph, since Joseph. None of them translate or receive revelations. None of them say they spoke with God and here is the message He wants us to hear. I tend to believe along the lines of this.

The basic gist of it is that none of the prophets after Joseph have prophesied. Only a couple have simply undone what was already in place (banning polygamy and un-banning the Blacks from the priesthood). In the last 100 years there hasn’t been any new revelations or prophecies. However, my husband said this talk was a miraculous prophecy and also, the proclamation on the family was a revelation. It seems to me that the proclamation was just a summary of stuff our church already taught and believed in. Referring to the talk from Hinkley- he says directly at the beginning of the talk that he was not prophesying. However, it is true that he did have some wise advise and it did come about seven years before the economic downturn (which correlates with his seven years of plenty, seven years of famine story).  I believe that President Hinkley is a good man and could get impressions to speak about certain subjects just like anyone else and perhaps this was one of them, but it’s not the same as talking to God directly and delivering His message (i.e. …thus saying the Lord). It is not the same as translating ancient records and it is not the same as the revelations Joseph Smith seemed to get all the time. “The problem is that all the things that Hinkley spoke about that came true get touted as prophesy or the work of the lord’s annointed. But if we could dig through hundreds of talks and find things that he has mentioned that never happened. What does that mean? I’m not saying Hinkley wasn’t a good person, or that God didn’t use him in some way, but it’s the law of averages, isn’t it? And as long as no one is using those magic ‘thus saith the lord’ phrases, we can all pick and choose in hindsight and make history to be what we want.” – Heather Brown Martin .

Interestingly, Petershiff might also have been considered prophetic. Also, this guy predicted it too. There were other predictors here . However, it could be argued that these men were experts in the field and their predictions all came after Hinkley’s when it was too late to do much about it. Although here is a prediction that came 70 years before the crash. This is also interesting: The News of Economic Prophets Who Predicted the Economic Crisis.  Should you trust in that? Or in the modern prophet?

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Modern Prophet, Seer and Revelator who doesn’t Prophesy, have Revelations or Translate Anything

  1. BOMC says:

    The Mormon version of “prophets” is wrong. It never occurs in scripture.

    David Whitmer describes how they fell into error the minute they set aside the Book of Mormon. Luckily both the Bible and Book of Mormon agree what the role and call of prophets are, and no, none of the LDS prophets are scriptural.

    However Benson and others were as God’s mouth piece when they proclaimed the Church was under condemnation for not following the Book of Mormon. (If only he realized to what extent it wasn’t being followed, i.e. the baptizing of children, giving communion to infants, claiming to be the only true church, etc.)

    At the least, read David Whitmer’s Proclamation:

    At the most read David’s Address:

  2. Reason says:

    Joseph Smith gave prophecies that didn’t happen. This classifies him as a fraud.

    However, we could justify his errors by saying it was because he just wasn’t inspired that day and was instead speaking “as a man.” There’s always a way for a believer to justify their faith. The questions we therefore have to ask ourselves are, at what point do we choose to believe something and why? Specifically, what criteria do you use to accept something into your personal belief system. A warm fuzzy feeling? You can get that in ANY church and most movies or concerts. Based on observable, testable, and externally verifiable claims? Consider Secular Humanism and Science.

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