Insights about the South Park Book of Mormon Episode

I had heard that South Park was going to produce a new Book of Mormon Musical on Broadway that is supposed to come out in March 2011, so as I was looking for more information about that I discovered a South Park Episode about Mormons which I found insightful. I can’t embed it, but you can view it in its entirety here.

So my thoughts about that episode is that maybe the kid at the end is right. Maybe it doesn’t matter if the church is 100% true.  Maybe it is a healthy illusion.  For example, we are told that if we believe that everyone likes us, despite logic or despite evidence to the contrary than we are healthier and at the same time, that illusion starts to come true for us. Consequently those people are much happier then those who know that they are disliked, even though they are more accurate.  I also believe that as we have an attitude that everyone likes us, more people actually do like us. So, it may be with believing in the LDS religion, or any religion. It might not matter if it is logical, or if there is substantial evidence stacked against it because it might be good for us anyway. Certainly people feel good in the church, they feel spiritual, they feel love and loved (for the most part). Also, the commandments and guidelines that are preached are generally good for everyone, and can lead to better health.

I suppose though that this doesn’t hold true for all. This healthy illusion might not feel too healthy if you are born homosexual into an LDS family, or if you (in your quest to become super-mormon-mom) have too many kids than you can handle, or if you don’t listen to your own internal warning voice and follow every little thing that leaders advise you to do. Like not putting off children for education even though you know you will not be able to start working for 10 more years due to bachelors degree, pre-med, medical school, residency, fellowship, or a similar lengthy path. Living on WIC, Medicaid and welfare or dire poverty with kids for 10 years is not so healthy. It also may not be healthy for the believers with dark skin if they find the church racist, or for women who want to work and may find the church sexist or for those who are older and can’t find someone to marry or who can’t or don’t want to have kids. Its also not so healthy for those who feel like they can’t reconcile the discrepancies between church teachings and church history, but have no where to go for support and help. I am not sure then how healthy it is.

What do you think?

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7 Responses to Insights about the South Park Book of Mormon Episode

  1. TAO says:

    Hey again.

    Oh btw, you should read my comment on your other article… it should help. Actually… it talks about some of the things you say and relates to them… you should read it.

    Eh, the church is healthy because ultimately, the actions it state are to bring happiness… sometimes, people on earth can warp them to make them unhappiness, but if performed in the way God desires, it will ultimately bring happiness.

    • sarah says:

      Thank you, I did read your comments, and I really appreciated your words, but they were too long to post to the blog. I believe that the actions in the church are supposed to bring about happiness, but they often don’t unless everyone in the family is living them (spouse, children, parents). So sorrow comes when a family member doesn’t follow the rules. Often the one who is following the rules gets left with the most pain. For example, my mom may have been able to handle 9 kids if my father would have helped out, but he didn’t, so we all ended up miserable. I may have been happy if my husband would not have been a porn addict, but he was and there was no safety net for us. I have a good friend that just moved away- she was a stay-at-home mom with no education, one toddler and a newborn – she was following the church teachings to get married young, not put off children, stay at home with them….but her husband cheated on her, gambled away their money and left her. So now she has nothing, no education to feed her family, no money and no way of affording child care now that she is being forced to go to school. It didn’t work for her to follow the counsel of the church. And the only help the church gave her was $200.

      • TAO says:

        Hmmmm… I think that you are mistaking part of the trial of life as a result of acting righteous. Believe me – we will go through that anyways.

        Remember, this life is the time, for you to prepare to meet God.

        This life is the time with your trials, and your tests, until you reach your limit. And they won’t stop until you reach it. That’s why it seems like actions don’t bring happiness – because you are still going through the trial.

        I have gone through one of the trials of my faith in life, I know I have. Now you might wonder, why I say ‘one of the’. It’s because trials don’t end the moment you have faith in God. Indeed, if anything, they get harder. Much harder, and much more strenuous. I don’t think I have to tell you why.

        You can’t give up simply because the trial have increased – push through them – there will be some happiness – but the main happiness comes after this life, not during it. You have a long war ahead. But if you give up now, it will crush you. Take the fight to it, burn through those hard times, so you won’t have to later.

        You seem to be putting all these as the Lord’s fault… I ask why so? The Lord told you you’d be tested. You’ll be able to overcome – if you get up. But you aren’t getting up. You aren’t realizing that these hard trials – they were meant for you. So why can’t you get up? Your able to bear the load, how come you can’t get up? Your concerned about physical support, when what you really need is spiritual support.

        Perhaps you remember those stories about couples that gave more tithing when they were running low on money? Or perhaps those stories about couples which tried to get to the temple… but things kept getting in the way. Just because life seemed hard, did it mean that they gave up? But you are giving up… don’t do it!

        I have experienced the pain behind when one doesn’t obey the rules… it’s life. It’s a trial. It’s given to us. It’s overcome-able. Why do you dwell on the ‘if-only’s when you could instead be working on your future?

        Sorry if I’m harsh, but you need to hear such. It’s important. Get up. And let’s start doing things right. (like the song goes)

        P.S. Erm… I have heard church prophets give the opposite advice – wait on the children till you are able to support ’em.

  2. sarah says:

    The church also breaks up families and causes lots of sorrow when children don’t conform and follow the rules. Even when parents try to pretend they accept the children as they are, the kids feel the tenseness and disappointment and the relationships fall apart. This is especially true after the parents have sacrificed so much of themselves to have a large family. It causes resentment and anger on both sides of the fence. So unless everyone is following the rules, it doesn’t work and causes greater pain to the obedient party.

  3. BOMC says:

    Typical: Starts with a case of “emotional departure” – someone, or some event, ticks you off causing the Mormon blinders to come off. The view is different though…all faults become ammunition…to justify “intellectual departure,” which is where you are now. Finally, with your “physical departure” will come justice. Such motives ignore the Spiritual. Once gone from Mormonism, the tool you’ll use to justify your departure (reason) will empower…for a while. But no church or people will match its demands and you, in ten years, will still have not found God. Save yourself the effort, focus on God, follow the Holy “Book of How to Turn to God” (“Mormon” is the Nephite word for “turn to God.”) and then filter your view with spiritual, Christ-centered eyes. That path will take you to joy and a fulfilled life. I hope you will.

  4. sarah says:

    Nothing has ticked me off. I am not upset or offended or angry in any way. I simply have logical questions and I am seeking rational answers.

  5. BOMC says:

    Is triggered the right word? Why now???

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