How To Bring Inactive LDS Members Back To Church

A video about how to love people back into church attendance…

So this is the real reason most people leave the church, and not because they were offended.

What do you think?

Is this easy for you to reconcile?

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6 Responses to How To Bring Inactive LDS Members Back To Church

  1. eric says:

    I just happened to watch this video earlier today and thought it was really good. To answer your question, I was able to live with knowing a lot of these things for a few years because surprisingly I actually learned quite a bit of it through a church outlet. I had Church History teacher who was extremely candid about church history (literally the only person I’ve come across in my entire CES experience) who helped me to be okay with it. Ultimately it was not the study of church history that resulted in the loss of my testimony but the study of philosophy, esp. epistemology, that eventually led me to question the validity of “the spirit” as a method of determining truth.

    Although my teacher exposed us to A LOT of things, he didn’t tell us everything and I am now on a quest to learn as much of it as I can. Had I come across this information before studying philosophy, would it have been enough to cause me to reject my testimony? I’m not sure, but probably not, amazingly. I had gotten really good at justifying my beliefs despite the church’s history. The way I was able to learn new, shocking information without it testing my faith was my strict loyalty to spirit as the source of all truth. My testimony was based almost entirely on spiritual confirmations, a few in particular that were especially intense, and no mere historical “fact” could take that away from me. Feeling really did supersede reason in my mind. Being LDS, you are obviously familiar with this line of thinking but I was as strict an adherent to this principle as any member I’ve come across. I actually enjoyed learning about controversial subjects because I was so secure in my testimony that I could face any subject without fear.

    My teacher had always emphasized, “you can’t base your testimony on church history,” and encouraged us to rely on the spirit instead (actually I don’t know that he ever said to rely on the spirit instead, but it’s what I always assumed he meant). Another thing was that I knew my professor knew all these things and more, (and also people like D. Michael Quinn) and was able to find ways to be ok with it. I therefore just sort of assumed there were good reasons. None of this mattered, however, once I removed the spirit from the equation.

    I always thought my experiences in the church were very unique, that men in the middle ages up through the Reformation and Enlightenment had only experienced a small portion of it. As I began to read the writings of some off the great minds of the Western tradition, I began to realize that my experience in the church wasn’t at all unique, that men had been writing about subjects directly applicable to my situation for hundreds of years, that the conflict between revelation and reason had been hotly debated, and that Mormonism provided no reconciling, previously unknown key. If the church really did have a hold on revelation, we would be able detect it in practice. We would see consistency and progress over time. I already knew, however, that church history told the opposite story, constantly making mistakes and back-peddling while not providing anything new.

    I think if I had come across church historical information on my own, before studying philosophy, and instead of having it shown to me in a church classroom, I would have experienced something similar to what seems fairly common among people who are exposed to the information from sources other than the church. I would have hung on for a while but at some point it would have just been too much and my testimony would have buckled under the pressure.

    • guest says:

      the holy spirit is the third member of the godhead whose responsibility is to reveal truth to our spirit and this is a form of communication that is very powerful… as you apparently know

      to discount the role of the holy spirit in our lives is to end communication with our father in heaven

      and what does it matter what weak human beings do or what blots on the history of the church (caused by weak human beings) are discovered?

      what really matters is that our father in heaven and our savior live, they love us and they are trying to save us

      keep it simple, my friend… keep it simple

  2. sarah says:

    Good points. I learned early on that I could feel the spirit very strongly whenever I heard a moving story- fictional or not.

  3. Ira Terry says:

    I watched the video but it didn’t do much more me. I’ve been inactive for 10 years now and the reason I’m inactive because I can see that the Church has in fact lapsed into apostasy. At the time of the Olympics it became very apparent to me that this was the case. The way the Church acted at that time was startling to me. Here was a highly idolatrous activity and the Church was participating in it and glorying in this thing. There was so much wrong with what was happening that it was really the final straw for me.

    I guess the history in the past is not a problem for me at all. I’m different in that regard I suppose. Seeing the temple ordinances all changed is another big factor for me. Isaiah says that They change the ordinances and break the everlasting covenant (Isaiah 24:5). Clearly this is speaking of the Church today. Nobody can tell me that the ordinances have not been changed – these are doctrinal changes that have rendered the ordinances invalid according to a prophet of God. This is the only Church that has the ordinances and it’s the only one that had the sealing ordinance as indicated in Isaiah hence apostasy.

    Another big change in the Church is the adoption of Idolatry. Every Church every temple is now filled with abominable images of deity in violation of the 2nd command. I can’t stand to go into the Church anymore knowing that the Church violates the 2nd commandment “Thou Shalt Not make unto thee any graven image”. The tornado of 1999 hit the great abomination in Temple Square. Utah doesn’t get tornadoes very often but here one hit temple square. If there wasn’t a problem this would not have happened. Just an indication from the Lord how low we have sunk.

    Other evidences of the apostasy:
    1. No revelation in the Church Isaiah 29:10. There has not been one revelation given to this church since the early days of the Church. The revelation on the priesthood to Kimball was false. There was no revelation. I’ve never read it – have you? There wasn’t one. E. G. Smith patriarch to the Church was kicked out of his calling because he opposed the brethren. Again, this is a sign of apostasy.

    Along with this changing of the priesthood and ignoring the Pearl of Great Price the gifts of the spirit have been taken. No more do you hear of the gifts in the Church as were present in the early days. Before 1978 I saw plenty of evidence of the Priesthood. Healings although not common still occurred. Now you never hear of any of the gifts. People say they feel the spirit etc., but this isn’t an indication of the gifts of the spirit.

    There are many other signs of apostasy of the Church. Another one would be the forcing of the members to sustain the leaders of the Church. If you were to vote against them for any reason on any subject you will be thrown out of the Church. This is in violation of the law of common consent. I have a perfect right to vote against my leaders on any position or subject. God gave me that right in the D&C. Yet this has been taken away from me by apostate leaders who give nice little meaningless talks in Church (without substance), but who are not inspired nor inspiring.

    They never speak of the coming of the Lord nor any of the signs of His coming as well. We are very close to the end of time but nothing is said by these guys. They are in apostasy and know nothing of the signs of the coming of the Lord. They are all business men and serve mammon rather than God. This is very clear. They don’t act like any of the early apostles of the beginning of the restoration nor the time of the Savior. Elder Cook in fact was very more of a crook in California than an apostles of the Lord. Many members in California were appalled when they heard that this guy was called. You ought to check into his business dealings. Quite enlightening.

    Well, I guess for me I must remain inactive in the Church until the Lord sends his servant to fix things. What else can I do? The Church won’t change back to its tried and true doctrines and practices.

    Thanks for the video though. But in my case – no help.

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