Why Have Standards Changed?

I was sitting in Relief Society…

 and a sister made a comment about how she had talked to some young women about wearing modest swimsuits.

She told us that she had told them that “our standards were never going to change, no matter how immodest the world gets with their swimwear.  Our modesty does not change, simply because the times change”.

However, I don’t think that is true at all. I would venture to guess that a girl today wearing a one-piece swimsuit that Mormons would consider modest today, would be considered extremely immodest in Joseph Smith’s day (late 19th century). I would venture to guess that it would be considered scandalous. The standard has changed with the times.

Logic would follow then, that the standard will continue to change with the times and the “modest” swimsuit of the future could be a string bikini simply because they are wearing something.

When I present this idea to other Mormons I get gasps, but I think the women in Joseph Smith’s time would have gasped at the photos of girls in “modest” swimsuits today.

Click HERE to follow the path of the fashionable bathing suit.

This also follows that there are other church standards that have and will change with the times.  (i.e. garment length, who can receive the priesthood, etc.)

What do you think?

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One Response to Why Have Standards Changed?

  1. AdamF says:

    This idea that people have about things “never changing” is a dangerous and false one, imho. Of COURSE things change, and I’m glad for it. I’m glad the temple ceremony doesn’t take all day anymore. I’m glad garments have changed, the priesthood ban was lifted, etc. etc. the list is probably endless. I hope and expect that things will continue to change in a good direction. We as a people (and individually, of course) must continue to grow and change. I don’t know exactly what types of changes would be good, or what should happen, but continued change is part of a healthy growing religion I think.

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