Why Don’t Modern Day Prophets Prophecy Like Prophets of Old?

We Mormons, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claim to have a modern day prophet. We say that God has always had a prophet on the earth and it is no different now then it has always been.  We say we believe in continuing revelation through this channel.

However, as I have listened to General Conference over the years (I’m 40 now) I never hear any modern prophesying about the future like the prophets of old. I hear some good advice about how to live a good life, but I can hear that from lots of good people. It seems that the prophet acts more like a company president that issues statements once in awhile, than a prophet. 

I have never heard any modern-day prophet (in my life-time ) claim that he converses with God or angels which is pretty much what defines a prophet in the scriptures. I don’t ever hear about any visitations, visions or major miracles, etc. 

If, in fact, there is direct communication going on between our prophet and the Lord why is it being kept a secret? It is never secret in the scriptures. The prophets declared boldly what the Lord had said to them. Our prophet certainly does give good advice and reiterates the doctrine we already know or need to be reminded of, but that does not set him apart as a prophet like the prophets of old. 

I think we Mormons are anxiously waiting for some great thing to be revealed to us. We are waiting for him to say something like, “Sell all your belongings and walk barefoot to Missouri. It is time!” We would all get excited and get right on it, but that isn’t going to happen.

It seems that God speaks to our prophet the same way he speaks to us, through feelings or thoughts, but that is not like the prophets of old. How does this make him significant? What set men apart as prophets in the scriptures is that the Lord was speaking directly to them and they were delivering the message to everyone else. 

I am just wondering how we can claim that we have a prophet today, if he doesn’t seem to prophesy?  It seems that we should claim that we have an amazingly righteous organizational president that does administration stuff.

What do you think?

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One Response to Why Don’t Modern Day Prophets Prophecy Like Prophets of Old?

  1. Lee says:

    If Brigham Young was a true prophet then maybe 120 men women and children wouldn’t have been killed near Cedar City Utah. (Mountain Meadow Massacre) Mormon bishop was first to tell that Mormon men and indians had killed members of the Arkansa Fancher wagon train.

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