The Invisible Heavenly Mother

As far as I am aware, the Latter-day saint doctrine is that if we pass this life’s test and endure to the end we will be able to be Gods and Goddesses, co-creators of worlds.

However, I also understand that the doctrine is that as God is, we can become and as we are, God once was. If that is true (that we will follow the same pattern that has been before us) wouldn’t that mean that the creators of the worlds will actually be the husband and the son? Not the mother.

It is doctrine that Jesus and God the Father created our world, not our Heavenly Mother. In fact, there is no mention of a Heavenly Mother anywhere, in any scripture.

We are also promised spirit children that will populate these worlds, yet God’s children do not communicate with a Heavenly Mother. Does this mean that women will be completely invisible to their children? That there will be no communication? That there will be no mention of us? 

Some people think that the reason our Heavenly Mother is not mentioned is because there is not just one, but several Heavenly Mothers. If this is true, than as a woman, heaven is not sounding very appealing at all.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to The Invisible Heavenly Mother

  1. Julie Mann says:

    Just a suggestion… Read the Bible with the understanding that it is a love letter from our heavenly Father to all of us on the earth.

    God is eternal and He alone is immortal. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are part of the immortal Godhead. God does not need a woman to produce children. His creative power is all that is necessary.

    We make the mistake of placing God on our level. This tears down the truth of Who He is and His awesome power and might. We will never be a god. We are the creature not the creator.

  2. I’ve always kind of wondered that, too. I was always told it was about “keeping her sacred.” And, I just can’t see myself as one of those people who are….you know, bringing milk and cookies and doing nothing else in heaven. That just doesn’t make sense, nor do I really desire to be some huge baby maker, either. We’re just as smart as men are, sooo…I dunno. I can see multiple Heavenly Mothers being part of this, but I’m not sure why this wasn’t mentioned. Either that, or it was mentioned before, but taken out, or perhaps in another set of scriptures. I’m not too sure. I’m just sure we have a Heavenly Mother.

    I always think of reaching out to Heavenly Father…but…maybe I should ask Dad to pass along to word to Mom to say hello. Maybe we simply ought to be more conscious of Her.

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